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Have you ever heard that we only use about 5-10% of the potential of our brain? Higher Brain Living® brings energy into the part of the brain where we experience joy, confidence, abundance and find purpose and passion. And it’s backed by neuroscience. My life was completely changed by Higher Brain Living® when it eradicated chronic, life long depression and anxiety.


You may be wondering how exactly this new discovery allows you to make radical changes in your life so quickly and so easily?

It’s a gentle-touch technique designed to energize your higher brain, or what is called the prefrontal cortex. The technique has been named Higher Brain Living® by Dr. Michael Cotton who developed, refined, and tested it over the course of 30 years.  It’s based on leading edge neuroscience with roots in the ancient wisdom of yoga dating back 5,000 years.

Your prefrontal cortex activates your body’s ability to heal itself, to create new habits, and to have insight. It sharpens intuition, and directs you to make decisions that are for your highest good, as well as be highly effective and productive while experiencing peacefulness, joy and abundance.

Higher Brain Living® sessions can have a profound effect on your health, vitality, effectiveness, productivity and happiness.

If you are intrigued by what untapped potential you have, and want to find out how you can start Higher Brain Living®, contact me today.

Teresa Durga Schoendorf, Licensed Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator


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HELLO and thank you for reading my page!

I am Teresa Durga Schoendorf, Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator. I provide tools for transformation to individuals and groups who want to access the power of each moment in order to burst through blocks, achieve clarity, find a sustainable joy in living and create a better life and a better world.


  • Reduction of stress and increased energy
  • Increased clarity in decision making
  • Increased capacity toward healthy mind, body, relationships and environment
  • Increased effectiveness and productivity
  • Access the point of power by being fully, joyfully embodied in your life



About my journey

Prior to Higher Brain Living®, as a high achiever with a successful life in New York City, I was overcome with habituated worry and negative thinking. I began to explore many different practices and modalities and meditation techniques. A great yoga practice or a meditation session, a study-vacation by the ocean or a powerful workshop or performance experience would reduce stress and even activate peace and joy, but these effects were always short lived. The states were temporary and not sustainable throughout every day life. Sound familiar? Eventually, even with my best efforts to do “all the right things” to be healthy mentally and physically, I found myself with a debilitating depression.

When I started Higher Brain Living® I was in a deep depression. After I began my sessions the clinical depression I was experiencing went away–completely. And after completing the Higher Brain Living® Program, all of the life-enhancing modalities and practices I already knew to do worked better than ever as I was able to increase my ability to be in the present moment, not matter what I was doing. So I became a Mastery level Higher Brain Living® facilitator and want to help you find your point of power in the present moment.

Where does Higher Brain Living® come from? 

Higher Brain Living® draws from — and expands upon — familiar holistic energetic practices like therapeutic massage, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga. Higher Brain Living® has been verified by EEG in neuroscience studies to increase energy into the newest part of your brain, the prefrontal cortex or higher brain. An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that measures and records the electrical activity of your brain.

What is the prefrontal cortex?

The prefrontal cortex controls executive functions of the brain. It is the part of the brain responsible for calmly assessing situations, making clear decisions, appropriately managing primal fear responses, and stimulating positive emotional experiences around purpose, meaning, gratitude, and joy.

With more energy in the prefrontal cortex, everything else you do to create a healthy, happy, productive and successful life is optimized.

Some key aspects to Higher Brain Living® are:

  • A neuroscience verified technique that brings a physiological state change in the brain which reduces stress, enhances executive functioning and increases states of joy, purpose and passion;
  • A personal growth program that guides you in all dimensions of life (Mind, Body, Relationships and Environment);
  • Rerouting energy from the lower brain to the higher brain, maximizes all other personal growth modalities you may use to create the new neural pathways and habits that enable you to live a joyous life now.

What do I need to do to sustain the positive changes I make with Higher Brain Living®?

To ensure that these new pathways–and new habits–created by an increase of energy into the higher brain are optimized for each of my clients, I offer meditation and mindfulness techniques. The modalities include:

  • Energy psychology practices to tune your mind 
  • Breath-guided movement to open the body and the mind 
  • Sound frequency sessions and guided meditation practices to shift your state of being

Vocal Meditation™ and Higher Brain Living® techniques expertly guide you to acquire the tools you need to live your best, most joyous life now.

I have over 25 years of experience in the field of human potential and growth. I work with individuals and groups and have facilitated large and small groups around the globe for a variety of institutions including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City.

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Testimonials by Higher Brain Living® clients:

I’ve experienced more clarity, less stress, improved awareness and higher energy levels. The dramas in life have become non-issues. I am elated and highly recommend Higher Brain Living®! Robert Lawn, President & CEO of RML Corporation

Since beginning Higher Brain Living® sessions I am exercising more, feel healthier, have increased my income five-fold and have expanded my circle of friends. I continue to journey into a deeper experience of life, beauty, balance and love. Betsy Odya, Real Estate Broker

I’ve experienced the release of deep-seated sadness and now feel sheer exhilaration. I feel calmer, healthier and more at ‘home within’.  Patricia Lawn, Hypnotherapist

For more information

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Meet Miracle Mind and Awake to an Embodied Life!

A part of my regular meditation practice includes Vocal Meditation. I offer Vocal Meditation in private and group sessions in person in Texas, New York, Miami and the Bahamas. I also private and group offer online sessions. For more information go to:

Guided Meditation Events

There are many different Vocal Meditation practices that I have been given and that have come to me unannounced. This meditative approach to using the voice actually began when I was developing my voice as an instrumentalist in order to sing opera. My very last voice teacher, Bonnie Hamilton taught me how to tune the voice using long, sustained tones like a violinist practices in order to perfectly tune the sound coming from the violin. I learned how to take out the vocal wave called vibrato and to tune the fundamental pitch on the closed vowel sound [ i ] to the center or just above or just below a specific pitch while singing a full operatic tone. Later, when Ragas came into my life, this attention to subtle tuning of pitch continued as a part of the art of North Indian Classical musical tradition. The Ragas that are a part of my Vocal Meditation practice have all appeared to me at various times like newly found friends who bring comfort or fun or beauty into life. I am writing a book about Vocal Meditation in order to share the joy and bliss that all of these Vocal Meditation practices continue to give me.

Today my 10 minute Vocal Meditation practice centered on just one frequency: C 256. Listening to Jonathan Goldman’s Crystal Bowl Chakra Chants as my soundscape and tapping together two C 256 tuning forks, I found myself immersed in C 256. The lower octave (8 notes down) from C 256 is just barely in my range. To vocalize it I make a sort of growling sound that lies deep in my vocal folds. The pitch of C 256 is perfectly comfortable and easy to hum or phonate on a vowel. Today, I began the Vocal Meditation by listening to the tuning forks and their relationship within the accompanying soundscape for quite a while. Then i began to vibrate sound with my voice very softly at both the lower octave C and humming on C 256. I could feel these soft vibrations resonating throughout the bones of my face so I placed my hands on my face as I was sounding. This feeling-hearing experience took my attention to the release of my belly as I would inhale and then downward to the root of my spine where I was seated. The experience was deeply grounding. I felt much like I had during the Quantum Light Breath Meditation by Jeru Kabbal that I learned at WildQuest. Both of these breath experiences feel the same as when I was completely relaxed as I was snorkeling in the Caribbean blue sea while being with wild dolphins.

At the end of the soundscape I had no desire to move on to the next frequency of D 288. I was very content to remain in C 256 feeling a deep connection to the earth and my life here on this planet.


This Invocation for Healing the Waters is offered in special response to the Deva of the Dolphins of Bimini, the Deva of the waters of the Caribbean, the Deva of the humans and all life at Wildquest W8 and W9 2015. The chant repeated 11 times or more will purify water everywhere and anywhere you intend.

WildQuest_W8_2015 234

Uchu no mugen no
chi kara ga korikotte
makoto no daiwa no
miyoga narinatte

Translation of the text:

The infinite power of the Universe has been crystallized to create an Era of Truth and Great Harmony.

Repeated 11 times for effectiveness

The answer lies within. Right now. That is all we have. That is all that exists. How do we experience right now? How do we experience right now without all of the stuff inside of our mind cluttering up right now? How do we hear the answer we seek right now that lies within right now? 5 Minute Listening Practice to Calm the Mind and Develop Self-Compassion Find a comfortable spot to sit or stand.

It may help to close your eyes. Just listen. Focus your attention on the sounds around you. How many different sounds do you hear? Do they sound close or far away? Are they continuous or do they come and go? What other qualities do you notice as you listen? Now choose one sound and focus all of your attention on just this sound. What else to you notice? What happens to the other sounds? Choose another sound. This time offer your attention to the sound as a loving gesture, as if you are sending love to the sound with energy of your attention. How does your listening change? Now bring your attention back to yourself and your own body. Can you hear the sound of your own breathing? Send the loving energy you sent to the sound to yourself, to the sound of your own breath, your own heartbeat, to the movement of your breath and the pulse of life that flows through you. Do this practice anytime your mind is overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings. I hope this practice brings you inner stillness and peace. Namaste

Every day it seems more and more research appears indicating how much yoga helps people in their every day lives. Not just with reducing stress and bringing a calm state of mind but also with enhancing the ability to think and focus. Below is a graphic that tells some of the story.

Voice Your Life™ tools focus on using sound as well as gentle movement to integrate life changes with Higher Brain Living® sessions . A yoga posture may be as simple as raising your arms as high as your shoulders or bowing your head slightly while being aware of the flow of your breath.

Every “body” is unique. Even if you can’t ever put yourself into one of the shapes you see below, you can still use your breath,  sound and movement to receive the benefits!


yoga infographic


During a time of great transition how do you preserve your peace of mind?

This period in my life seems to be asking me this question. Here is my answer.

I have meditated every morning since I have been back in Brooklyn. Most days I have practiced pranayama and asana. I practice a variety of techniques to uplift and focus my thoughts and emotions. I have stayed connected and have reconnected with people and groups of people who feel supportive to me and who focus on the positive and finding solutions. To overcome both joint and emotional pain I have been taking supplements and eating foods that I find balance my body and brain chemistry.

I spend a lot of time researching various subjects on the computer and keep myself entertained nightly on a budget with Netflix streaming.

I continue to read to acquire the knowledge needed to make changes in my life in the arenas of spirit and matter, and in matters financial. I ask for help from those who have more experience than me.

I surrender to the “What Is” of my life on a daily basis, offering gratitude in thought and feeling for all that is there to support me.

How is it working?

Emotions are settling down and thoughts arrive more slowly which allows time for processing.

This is the time of the Turtle in my life: slow, un-rushed with a lot of pauses and very little looking backwards, lest I lose my way forward.

For more about the qualities and virtues of the Turtle and times of transition go to: