The Voice Course teaches practices and techniques to develop vocal and personal presence in private lessons and group workshops. Rooted in Western musical theory and vocal pedagogy, North Indian classical music, yoga, and other contemplative traditions this unique course offers an approach to developing the voice that emphasizes inner listening, kinesthetic awareness and improvisation. Anyone who speaks and wants to increase vocal and personal resonance through mind-body-musical practices including musicians who want to develop their voice as an instrument, will benefit from The Voice Course.

Practices include:

  • Low Voice Gateway to Resonance and Tone
  • Approaches to Long Tones
  • Alignment Through the Breath
  • Connecting sound and meaning
  • Improvising

What Is Included in the Course

  • 12 Hour Long Private Sessions
  • 3 Personalized Practice Fiiles

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Practicing Raga Gaud sarang:

Example of a Personalized Practice File:

Examples of Group Workshop activities: