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HELLO and thank you for reading my page!

I am Teresa Durga Schoendorf, Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator. I provide tools for transformation to individuals and groups who want to access the power of each moment in order to burst through blocks, achieve clarity, find a sustainable joy in living and create a better life and a better world.


  • Reduction of stress and increased energy
  • Increased clarity in decision making
  • Increased capacity toward healthy mind, body, relationships and environment
  • Increased effectiveness and productivity
  • Access the point of power by being fully, joyfully embodied in your life



About my journey

Prior to Higher Brain Living®, as a high achiever with a successful life in New York City, I was overcome with habituated worry and negative thinking. I began to explore many different practices and modalities and meditation techniques. A great yoga practice or a meditation session, a study-vacation by the ocean or a powerful workshop or performance experience would reduce stress and even activate peace and joy, but these effects were always short lived. The states were temporary and not sustainable throughout every day life. Sound familiar? Eventually, even with my best efforts to do “all the right things” to be healthy mentally and physically, I found myself with a debilitating depression.

When I started Higher Brain Living® I was in a deep depression. After I began my sessions the clinical depression I was experiencing went away–completely. And after completing the Higher Brain Living® Program, all of the life-enhancing modalities and practices I already knew to do worked better than ever as I was able to increase my ability to be in the present moment, not matter what I was doing. So I became a Mastery level Higher Brain Living® facilitator and want to help you find your point of power in the present moment.

Where does Higher Brain Living® come from? 

Higher Brain Living® draws from — and expands upon — familiar holistic energetic practices like therapeutic massage, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga. Higher Brain Living® has been verified by EEG in neuroscience studies to increase energy into the newest part of your brain, the prefrontal cortex or higher brain. An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that measures and records the electrical activity of your brain.

What is the prefrontal cortex?

The prefrontal cortex controls executive functions of the brain. It is the part of the brain responsible for calmly assessing situations, making clear decisions, appropriately managing primal fear responses, and stimulating positive emotional experiences around purpose, meaning, gratitude, and joy.

With more energy in the prefrontal cortex, everything else you do to create a healthy, happy, productive and successful life is optimized.

Some key aspects to Higher Brain Living® are:

  • A neuroscience verified technique that brings a physiological state change in the brain which reduces stress, enhances executive functioning and increases states of joy, purpose and passion;
  • A personal growth program that guides you in all dimensions of life (Mind, Body, Relationships and Environment);
  • Rerouting energy from the lower brain to the higher brain, maximizes all other personal growth modalities you may use to create the new neural pathways and habits that enable you to live a joyous life now.

What do I need to do to sustain the positive changes I make with Higher Brain Living®?

To ensure that these new pathways–and new habits–created by an increase of energy into the higher brain are optimized for each of my clients, I offer meditation and mindfulness techniques. The modalities include:

  • Energy psychology practices to tune your mind 
  • Breath-guided movement to open the body and the mind 
  • Sound frequency sessions and guided meditation practices to shift your state of being

Vocal Meditation™ and Higher Brain Living® techniques expertly guide you to acquire the tools you need to live your best, most joyous life now.

I have over 25 years of experience in the field of human potential and growth. I work with individuals and groups and have facilitated large and small groups around the globe for a variety of institutions including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City.

For more information about Miracle Mind meditation practices go to:

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Testimonials by Higher Brain Living® clients:

I’ve experienced more clarity, less stress, improved awareness and higher energy levels. The dramas in life have become non-issues. I am elated and highly recommend Higher Brain Living®! Robert Lawn, President & CEO of RML Corporation

Since beginning Higher Brain Living® sessions I am exercising more, feel healthier, have increased my income five-fold and have expanded my circle of friends. I continue to journey into a deeper experience of life, beauty, balance and love. Betsy Odya, Real Estate Broker

I’ve experienced the release of deep-seated sadness and now feel sheer exhilaration. I feel calmer, healthier and more at ‘home within’.  Patricia Lawn, Hypnotherapist

For more information

Contact: 305.423.9359 or


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Meet Miracle Mind and Awake to an Embodied Life!

Today I rode my new-used bike in Prospect Park to go to the bank. As of June 12, 2012 I am officially car-free! The other day to get my feline Bebe’s records, I rode to the Vet in a neighborhood that I would always drive to and suffer looking for parking. Riding on one of the many bike paths to get there was a joy! Bikes create sukha (good space) in Brooklyn!

Getting around on a bike is soooooo much more enjoyable than driving a car. On a late Spring, June day like today, it is positively heaven. There are the smells of fresh mown grass in the park and the sweet scent of trees in blossom all around.

Right now I am sitting at my favorite spot near some water falls right off the path near Long Meadow in the park. There is a new bench (dedicated to Sara E. Campbell, 1975-2010) in the perfect spot to hear the water falling and the birds singing. I am watching a small red cardinal and a red breasted robin forage for food.

At the ashram I felt very connected to the many birds that lived there including two chickens. Crazy Henrietta and baby Chick Chick must have escaped from their coop on the property next door. They must have figured out they were safe at an ashram where all be meals are vegetarian. Safe and well-fed! Besides lots of left over homemade bread crumbs, we gave Chick Chick grain from the kitchen.

There are other ways i have become more green since the return to Brooklyn. I have not bought any paper towels. In the kitchen at the ashram we used cloths for clean up. Throwing a few cloths into the laundry I would already be washing seems much more Earth-friendly. Not to mention more cost effective.

There is still a lot more I can do. One of the biggest personal consumptions I became aware of while living in a tent was electricity. I used very little there: a lamp, a fan, a laptop. Back at home as I was clearing out “stuff” I found a large assortment of no longer used electrical devices and a box of orphaned adapters. I notice how many electrical outlets there are in my home. And how many things are plugged into them. And where does the power come from? Basically oil.

So though riding a bike instead of driving a car is one giant step for the return of green on the planet, I have many miles to go to becoming the deep shade of green that I like.