The Short Story … the CV

Energy Transformation Certifications

  • Higher Brain Living® Mastery Facilitator
  • Pranic Energy Healing
  • PSYCH-K Belief Modification
  • King Salomon Mystery School Adept
  • 1000+ Hr Yoga Teacher Certifications in Krishnamacharya, Sivananda, Kundalini Lineages
  • Masters of Music in Opera Performance, SUNY Binghamton, Tri-Cities Opera (singing opera is all about energy transformation)

Sound Healing Modalities: North Indian Classical Music, Tuning Forks, Toning the Chakras

  • Yoga of the Voice with Silvia Nakkach, NY, Bahamas, Brazil
  • Dhrupad and Sargam with Shanti Shivani, Sivananda Yoga Farm, CA
  • Human Tuning and Tuning Forks with John Beaulieu, NY
  • Healing Sounds Course with Jonathan Goldman, Online

Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and a bit of Buddhism Detailed

  • Kundalini Level 1 200 HR Yoga Teaching Training, Mehtab Benton, Siri Bahadur, Guru Karam, Yoga Yoga, Austin TX
  • Yoga Anatomy, Movement & Breath, Leslie Kaminoff, Yoga Yoga, Austin TX
  • Restorative Yoga, Judith Lasater, Yoga Yoga, Austin TX
  • Astrology Yoga, Mehtab Benton, Yoga Yoga, Austin TX
  • Viniyoga Therapy, Gary Kraftsow, Yoga Yoga, Austin TX
  • Sivananda 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training, Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas
  • Sivananda 100 HR Vedanta and Silence Advanced Yoga Course, Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas
  • True Meditation Silence Retreat, Adyashanti, Mount Madonna Center, Watsonsville, CA
  • Hatha Yoga 200 HR Teacher Training, Marianne Wells Yoga School, Costa Rica

The long story … 

I grew up performing and singing in a family who loved music and the arts and were frequent attendees at the theater, ballet and symphony in Houston Texas. To soothe me into slumber when I was very young, my mother played opera by the famous Italian tenor Caruso and symphonic music by the French Impressionist composer Claude Debussy. Though in many ways I was born into privilege, like most of us, my home life had difficulties. As a young child, the noise of ambulance sirens was a common occurrence around my home as many of my loved ones and caretakers were carried away from me–sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently. Music, dance, art and reading books on psychology and philosophy became my refuge. Ultimately I created a career in music as an opera singer and arts educator with a life in New York City.

In 2007 after a couple of decades in music and the arts I began a course correction that included major change in three crucial areas of life: health, work and home. After a couple of major surgeries, I changed my life style and I began to practice yoga regularly. I learned to dance salsa. I started traveling the world and learning about different cultures and world traditions. My career change involved transitioning from the performing arts to the realm of self-development and transformation. I changed my whole cultural and home environment when I left Brooklyn, first living in an ashram in the Bahamas then moving back to Texas and now living by my beloved ocean in South Beach, Miami.

How I became a life coach …

During the first part of this time of major transition I was very honored to work as an arts educator for Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. In my position as a Teaching Artist I guided children and mentored adults to engage more deeply with themselves and the world by developing meaningful relationships with works of art, musical, theatrical and visual. I learned a method of inquiry called aesthetic education over a period of 15 years in regular professional development as part of my job with Lincoln Center. I began to applied these methods with my private voice students ranging in age from pre-teen to 8o. I realized as an arts educator and voice teacher I was actually guiding people to find meaning within and connect to their soul essence.

About Aesthetic education …

This unique approach to arts education was developed by the educational philosopher and social activist Maxine Greene. Greene followed in the educational traditions of Dewey and Piaget within the realm of intrinsic motivation and experiential learning. Maxine spoke of “living in awareness and ‘wide-awakeness’ in order to advance social justice.” I realized “aesthetic” education is really about the education of the “soul”–though Maxine and no one in the field ever used that term. I realized this “awakeness” of aesthetic education and Maxine’s work was in alignment with my studies in yoga, Buddhism and non-dual philosophies. I began to explore other cultures with travels to Brazil, Costa Rica and the Bahamas. By experiencing how people who live very differently all have the same need for safety, love, happiness and self-fulfillment, I began to break free of many limiting beliefs and ideas about what I thought I needed to be happy, to be connected, to thrive.

Influenced by these new cultural perspectives first hand, by yoga, energy psychology and sound healing studies, and using over 20 years experience as a vocal coach, music and arts educator and from my experience as a performer, I developed a unique process of self-inquiry and personal transformation I call Vocal Meditation™ as a core modality of Voice Your Life Coaching. Vocal Meditation is a great adjunct to Higher Brain Living® as it offers the tools and daily practices to support the transformation that happens with the program.

What I offer you as a coach …

Voice Your Life Coaching offers specific techniques and processes to tap into the creative, intuitive brain to find solutions and open to new possibilities in all areas of your life. Both Vocal Meditation and Higher Brain Living support you to discover what is true for you right now and to create a new story about yourself, your life, the whole world.Voice Your Life Coaching connects you to Miracle Mind where you awake to an embodied life.

For More information about Vocal Meditation™ go to Voice Your Life