A bit more of the story of my journey…

Before The Brainshift Programs (Former Opera Singer Reveals…) and living at the beach in South Beach, Miami, I lived in New York City and in the Bahamas. Somehow life is perfect

The Brainshift: Vocal Energy Activation Journey

The decision to live in the Bahamas was one I began considering after my first visit there in May 2011. I was not at all sure it would work out, yet I kept dreaming of a beach front home all the while.

The story begins with making lifestyle changes through a regular yoga practice for several years. Though my quality of life had been noticably improving since beginning a regular yoga practice in the spring of 2008,  I was still not as happy as I knew I could be. So in search of something more, between 2008 and 2011, I kept leaving my beautiful Brooklyn home (and my sweet feline Bebe)


for ocean places to explore yoga more in depth in a variety of different cultures. I visited a yoga retreat center called Present Moment on the pacific coast of Mexico; took a yoga training course on one coast of…

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