A part of my regular meditation practice includes Vocal Meditation. I offer Vocal Meditation in private and group sessions in person in Texas, New York, Miami and the Bahamas. I also private and group offer online sessions. For more information go to:

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There are many different Vocal Meditation practices that I have been given and that have come to me unannounced. This meditative approach to using the voice actually began when I was developing my voice as an instrumentalist in order to sing opera. My very last voice teacher, Bonnie Hamilton taught me how to tune the voice using long, sustained tones like a violinist practices in order to perfectly tune the sound coming from the violin. I learned how to take out the vocal wave called vibrato and to tune the fundamental pitch on the closed vowel sound [ i ] to the center or just above or just below a specific pitch while singing a full operatic tone. Later, when Ragas came into my life, this attention to subtle tuning of pitch continued as a part of the art of North Indian Classical musical tradition. The Ragas that are a part of my Vocal Meditation practice have all appeared to me at various times like newly found friends who bring comfort or fun or beauty into life. I am writing a book about Vocal Meditation in order to share the joy and bliss that all of these Vocal Meditation practices continue to give me.

Today my 10 minute Vocal Meditation practice centered on just one frequency: C 256. Listening to Jonathan Goldman’s Crystal Bowl Chakra Chants as my soundscape and tapping together two C 256 tuning forks, I found myself immersed in C 256. The lower octave (8 notes down) from C 256 is just barely in my range. To vocalize it I make a sort of growling sound that lies deep in my vocal folds. The pitch of C 256 is perfectly comfortable and easy to hum or phonate on a vowel. Today, I began the Vocal Meditation by listening to the tuning forks and their relationship within the accompanying soundscape for quite a while. Then i began to vibrate sound with my voice very softly at both the lower octave C and humming on C 256. I could feel these soft vibrations resonating throughout the bones of my face so I placed my hands on my face as I was sounding. This feeling-hearing experience took my attention to the release of my belly as I would inhale and then downward to the root of my spine where I was seated. The experience was deeply grounding. I felt much like I had during the Quantum Light Breath Meditation by Jeru Kabbal that I learned at WildQuest. Both of these breath experiences feel the same as when I was completely relaxed as I was snorkeling in the Caribbean blue sea while being with wild dolphins.

At the end of the soundscape I had no desire to move on to the next frequency of D 288. I was very content to remain in C 256 feeling a deep connection to the earth and my life here on this planet.