The answer lies within. Right now. That is all we have. That is all that exists. How do we experience right now? How do we experience right now without all of the stuff inside of our mind cluttering up right now? How do we hear the answer we seek right now that lies within right now? 5 Minute Listening Practice to Calm the Mind and Develop Self-Compassion Find a comfortable spot to sit or stand.

It may help to close your eyes. Just listen. Focus your attention on the sounds around you. How many different sounds do you hear? Do they sound close or far away? Are they continuous or do they come and go? What other qualities do you notice as you listen? Now choose one sound and focus all of your attention on just this sound. What else to you notice? What happens to the other sounds? Choose another sound. This time offer your attention to the sound as a loving gesture, as if you are sending love to the sound with energy of your attention. How does your listening change? Now bring your attention back to yourself and your own body. Can you hear the sound of your own breathing? Send the loving energy you sent to the sound to yourself, to the sound of your own breath, your own heartbeat, to the movement of your breath and the pulse of life that flows through you. Do this practice anytime your mind is overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings. I hope this practice brings you inner stillness and peace. Namaste